Sunday, October 17, 2010

Change in the Wind?

Change, for Bil., is not good.  For Bil, there is no such thing as good change.  For us, Bil's caregivers...who knows?

We have known for a while that Bil's MSC (Medicaid Service Coordinator) has been ill.  I will not mention her name for privacy reasons but, in her personal life, has had a lot of challenges herself.  Now, apparently, the illness had become too much for her.   Bil is not the only person being affected and some of the details, quite frankly, are a little bit scary to me when I think of Bil's future.

This MSC was at Bil's 50th birthday party that is the last I talked to her.  She took sick not long after.  I was hoping to be able to visit with her in the next several months to get a handle on what upcoming NYS budget cuts might mean to Bil's service coordination.

Recently, .my mother in law had tried to reach the MSC and, on her voicemail, was a message that the extension was no longer hers.  No explanation, no message about how to reach the MSC.  My mother in law has the MSC's home number (another measure of how much this MSC is involved with her clients) and she intends to call her tomorrow.

I have never questioned this MSC's dedication.  But I do have some issues with PARC (Putnam ARC) itself.  And if the MSC is ill and can no longer work, why wasn't Bil's mother advised?  Bil himself would have a lot of problems communicating this, if he indeed knows.

And once he knows....(if there is something to know)-his reaction will be of a lot of interest to me.  My next trip down to where Bil lives (November?) may need to address this.

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