Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Unsung Inspiration

An autism advocate in this area posted this obituary....I suspect this may be a family member of hers or if not, someone she met in the course of her advocacy.  Both women have had serious fights against breast cancer in their lives.  I am sorry Marcia Roth was not able to win her battle against that dread disease.

Unbelievable (the way I feel so dragged out sometimes, so stiff) that a person could accomplish as much as Marcia Roth did, a lot of it "after retiring".

I really should be getting off my butt, shouldn't I?  But some days it seems that just getting through the workday, I have so little "left" to give to others.  If I had to retire, and nowadays all of us of a "certain" age know that may happen to us, would I be able to devote my life to something like this?

I haven't written much about Bil lately.  But thanks to advocates like Marcia Roth, his life, and many other lives, will be better.

I can only hope my obit will say something similar.

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