Friday, July 1, 2011

"Autism Solutions"

While we wait for the information regarding Bil's new Medicaid Service Coordinator, I've picked a book out of the library called "Autism Solutions: How to Create a Healthy and Meaningful Life for Your Child" by Ricki G. Robinson, M.D. 

I usually shy away from books like this because I find that the "child" means just that:  child.  Once again, Bil being born years too early.  But I took a chance on this book because of flipping through it and finding a discussion about seizures and autism.

I've said that I don't want to discuss Bil's health issues.  But, in reading one of his early evaluations, I found something we had never been told - that at one point in time, Bil had been put on a seizure medication.


Talking to my mother in law, we found that there was a suspicion that Bil might be having seizures, so he was put on the medication.  The medication made him very sick, and he was taken off.  End of story.

I was told by an autism advocate that the observation in a evaluation done over 30 years ago probably didn't mean any much.

But one thing that really shines through with this doctor is her compassion, and her ability to "walk in the shoes" of her patients, and their families.  (Another thing was her not putting down homeschooling as an educational solution, but that is a story for another day and time.)  She did have a section on adolescense.

I am definitely going to spend some time with this book.  And, I can hope that one day she will write the sequel:  "Autism Solutions Now that Your Child Has Grown Up".  A portion of sales of this book benefit an organization, Autism Speaks.  With all due respect, I say to them:  If Autism Speaks speaks for those with autism, it must speak for everyone.

Including Bil.

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