Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas With the Family

Today, we will be together with relatives of my husband's (including Bil) for Christmas.

Bil's MSC (Medicaid Service Coordinator) reports that everything is going well in his "other life" at the local ARC, where he participates in a sheltered workshop work environment.  His last annual review, which my mother in law participated in by phone, went well. 

We are waiting for the decision on if his Medicaid will be extended for another year.  With the budget cuts, we can only hope that outcome is favorable.

Now we can only hope that government programs don't continue to be cut.  AND that we (it may be "me" as all the siblings seem so afraid of bringing this up) can convince my mother in law that Bil needs to live away from home, and this needs to be done before she dies (which we hope isn't for a long time but one never knows.) SO frustrating!!!!

I think Bil enjoys these family gatherings a lot.  And that doesn't have to end if he lives away from home!

But I will put my frustration aside for one day and enjoy the day.

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