Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Sib-There But For the Grace....

The other day, we met an individual who has not one, but three, siblings with disabilities of one type or another.

We are very lucky with Bil in many ways.  Right now at least there are no behavioral issues, which I fear will change once his mother, who has been the one constant in his life, is either deceased or no longer able to care for him.  Also, he is in relatively good health.

As for this other individual, the other siblings were placed in supported housings (I use this as a very general description) years ago.

We talked about one sibling in particular.  The sibling does not have autism, but rather a profound disability caused by a medical condition that is easily diagnosed and treated today.  It's a tragic situation.  The sibling is profoundly - shall we say, intellectually challenged - and lived in an institutional setting for many years.

When the sib was taken out of it, it was a very long adjustment period because of the high need for routine and structure.

Just like Bil.

The sib did make the adjustment though.  Just like Bil will have to when his time comes.  He will have no other choice. And I don't know how well we can prepare him in advance.

It's small comfort, I guess, to realize there are others in our shoes - people you would never suspect until you mention Bil to them.

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