Sunday, September 9, 2012

No Concrete Answers

Our visit with Bil went well, except for an interesting question he had.

He wanted to know if his Medicaid is going to be affected by "Obamacare".

This brings up several interesting observations:

1.  He knows about Obamacare; (no surprise, as he watches a cable channel devoted to news)
2.  He's heard, on said news channel, a lot of bad things about "Obamacare"
3.  Either this channel has made him very anxious; or
4.  He figured it out himself that there could be a problem.


5.  He knows that Medicaid is benefiting him.

He knows his prescriptions are paid for by Medicaid.  I'm glad to know that.  Sometimes, it is hard to know just what he does know. 

 I am not sure if he realizes that he has a Medicaid Service Coordinator, which I think it is fair to say he considers (maybe not a friend, but) someone he can trust and talk to.

Once again, I feel obligated to mention that many people think of Medicaid as something that benefits "Welfare Queens".  In reality, the main recepients of Medicaid paid services, according to my readings, are elderly people in nursing homes.  I wouldn't be surprised if the disabled (like Bil) come in second.

We told him it is too soon to know.  I know that won't satisfy Bil, because he craves concrete answers.

But it's the only answer we can give him.

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