Friday, November 18, 2016

Being Who I Am

I have a confession to you, my readers participating in #FridayReflections.

My post today is inspired by this quote:  “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Bernard M. Baruch.

It is so hard to know the direction I want to take this blog.  You may have noticed that, several times, I've taken this blog in various experimental directions.  For instance, several weeks ago, I participated in a five minute free writing challenge from a weekly prompt.  The free writing was fun, but I don't think I will participate in that particular challenge again.

Before then, I posted in a Skywatch Friday. I enjoy Skywatch and participate using my other blog. The problem is that my developmentally disabled brother in law Bil, who I blog about here, doesn't take photos.

If he did, a blog where photographers post pictures of the sky each Friday would be a wonderful showcase for him.  Bil loves the weather after all.  But he doesn't.

I even thought about writing a book with this blog, but I am not sure if anything I write can can add value to the topic of caring for an adult with autism.

So,  I found myself lost.

I don't want to share these posts and connect with others on Facebook, as Facebook prohibits multiple accounts, and I don't want to post this under my real name for various reasons.  Most blogging challenges I know about require Facebook participation.  After the Presidential election here in the States, I am trying to limit my Facebook time to save my sanity.

Perhaps, this is a good thing, because I will have time to iron this out without worrying about pleasing readers.

Since I started this blog years ago, I only wanted to say what I felt, and be true to myself and to "Bil".  So I will continue on that path.  Even if I rant a little sometimes.  But there will be joy, too.

I, again, invite you to join me on this Unknown Journey.

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  1. We all face so many dilemmas & have to make certain choice, both in Blogging & in life. Can identify with your words.
    All the best to all of us to be ourselves!
    Yes, FB is much needed for activities & more. Blogging contest participation too requires FB posts. That explains why I rejoined FB this year after 5 years of a self-proclaimed exile :)

    1. I may end up doing the A to Z Challenge next year with this blog and my "other" blog, although that would be quite an undertaking. Unless A to Z's blogroll goes totally to Facebook, that is.

  2. I keep my personal and blogging profiles separate. Makes things hugely easier for me. I have 3 blogs but lately been neglecting 2 of them. We all go through that phase and find our wings again. Just keep blogging :)

    1. Three blogs? Wow. I will keep on. Right now it's once a week on this blog, on Fridays. At least it is consistent.


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