Friday, October 6, 2017

Nostalgic - #FridayReflections

It was last September. My husband and I were sitting in his cousin's living room.

On his large screen TV, the cousin was playing DVDs of home movies his late father had taken.

On the screen, two teens and a pre-teen mock-fought in a childhood back yard.

Or, should I say, two teens mock fight, because the third boy (who may have been 10 or 11 at the time, come to think of it) wasn't really interacting with his brothers.

The movie was taken at a family picnic.  Almost all the adults in the movie are now deceased.

I had never seen the home movie before, and it took me a bit to recognize the three boys.  But my husband recognized them immediately.

The teens are a lot older now - two of them in their 60's, and one in his late 50's. They were my husband and his next younger brother. The youngest one, the one who really wasn't interacting, was Bil, my husband's autistic brother.

I enjoyed this tiny glimpse into their life, before I even knew them.  It was a time when things just seemed simpler.  We had no idea of what would come in the years since.

Nostalgia is longing for a simpler time. 

My husband's teen years, in many ways, were simple.  His parents were still there to make decisions, and the future was far away.

Sometimes, you just want to go back....

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  1. Hiya - how very interesting to have been able to see this film ... and to see that Bil, even then, wasn't really interacting. Life does throw up difficult things for us all to deal with ... take care and all the best - cheers Hilary

  2. Oh that would have been a lovely glimpse into your husband's childhood and his family life then.


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