Friday, January 12, 2018

Taking A Break

I've decided to put this blog on hold for a hiatus while I think about the direction I want to take it in.

I had thought about blogging a book based on my experiences with my autistic brother in law, "Bil", but I never got very far with it.

I am facing my mother in law's declining health, and other issues.

She was hospitalized earlier in December with a lung issue and put on oxygen.  We had additional difficulties with her this week.

I have to admit that watching her decline has stirred emotions in me - strong emotions - that I could barely believe I was experiencing.  I had a couple of day that were emotionally rocky for me.

I have a handful of of steady readers, and I am so grateful to them for sticking with me.  Thank you thank you thank you. 

If you have read my blog, thank you so much. I will be back.  I just don't know when. 
Farewell for now.

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  1. Hi - that's fine and I completely understand ... you will have lots to do with Bil, let alone his mother (your MIL) as she declines in health. I just sincerely hope for you that it will be reasonably easy ... though there are always challenges. Take care and I'll be thinking about you ... all the very best - Hilary


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