Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Would you like some of my Orange Juice?

Yesterday was Memorial Day.  My husband, mil, Bil and I got into the car and visited a couple of cemetaries after having breakfast.  Part of Bil's breakfast was a container of orange juice.  He didn't finish it and took it with him.

The first cemetary was just a few minutes away from home (my father in law's grave) but the other one was over 1/2 hour away.

By the time we got done, it was already quite warm.  On the way home my mother in law started wishing for a "large glass of ice cold water."  She repeated the request.  I offered to stop at the next exit and get her something to drink, perhaps buy her a container of cold bottled water.  She turned me down and asked that we continue home.

My mother in law was sitting in the front passenger seat.  Bil was in the back.

Hesitantly, Bil started to speak.  I don't remember the exact words now but it was something like "Mom, would you like some of my orange juice?"

Keep in mind that Bil has autism.  There is a belief among those who aren't familiar with people with autism that people with autism don't care about others.  This isn't true at all.  There are several difficulties involved and I have made comments in this blog that Bil many time treats his mother like some kind of caretaking machine. I will admit that.  But, I have to tell you, this was the most concrete sign that Bil had ever given that he cared about his mother's discomfort.

(P.S. she turned the orange juice down. As soon as we got back to her house I ran, got ice, and poured her a glass of ice cold water for her and one for me.  It sure was good going down.)

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