Thursday, July 8, 2010

What are Cousins For?

One of my husband's cousins' wives (who lives in NJ) took it upon herself to visit the motel where we are going to be staying later in the month, getting permission to look at the room, and reporting back to my mil.  Now we have a description and my husband made sure to ask my mil to give the facts to Bil.

Such as.....

The room is (in the cousin's opinion) on the small side.
The room's bathroom will be on "Bil's" side, the living room part where he will be sleeping so he doesn't have to share space with the rest of us-so be prepared to have people walking around several times during the night.
(For my mother in law, she grew up in a large family in a small apartment, so this is nothing for her-no worries.  But we did ask that she spend time and try to prepare Bil...he isn't too used to sharing.

But on the good side, there are a lot of nice restaurants in the area so we won't be stuck there all night.  I'm sure some of us will get good use of the pool too. 

Of course, I will have something to report when we get back.

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