Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flood Fascination

I didn't call my mother in law tonight, but I can just imagine what Bil is going through right now.  His fascination with the weather on TV mixed with his fear of extreme weather "in person".  His area didn't get the torrential rains we got today (my son put out a 6 inch gauge and it was overflowing by late afternoon) but they will be hit later tonight.  I know Bil will be following the weather up here closely, giving my mother in law frequent updates. 

I hope they don't have thunderstorms. We didn't but we had a very strong wind gust and I guess I'll find out on the news later how much damage that did.

Jim Cantore has been reporting on this storm all day.  Jim isn't Bil's most favorite Weather Channel's personality (he is partial to any blond female, and that has nothing to do with the weather) but is probably his favorite of the men.

Unfortunately, where mil and Bil lives, they are prone to losing power (knock on wood we are not) so I hope my mil is charging her cell phone.

Hopefully he rides the storm out OK, and his area doesn't flood.

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