Thursday, December 23, 2010

Will it Come to this in the United States?

A gesture by a distraught parent in Romania.  The father of a teen with autism jumped from a Parliament balcony to protest budget cuts.   His injuries, thankfully, are said not to be life threatening. Romania has fallen on some hard times.  Of course, under Communism things were really rough, but everything is relative.

People in our country would do well to see what people elsewhere are going through.  In the article I read about this parent, it detailed some of the budget cuts the Romanian people are suffering through.  It could happen here.

This is an extreme form of advocacy but it did get people's attention....maybe.  Certainly not a suggested method, but we can only imagine how frustrated, and worse, he must have felt to do something like this.

Which reminds me...we somehow have to be able to communicate with Bil's medicaid service coordinator without her running to my mother in law.  We have to know how Bil is going to be impacted. 

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