Thursday, September 1, 2011

Autism Manga

I found, at the library today, a manga (Japanese comic)  book called "With the Light - Raising an Autistic Child" by Keiko Tobe.  This is a series, and I found the second and third books.

I have never read manga before, but it is about time.  I enjoy learning about other cultures and why not in this way?  Apparently this series began in 2000 and now it has been translated into English.  According to my research, this series even was made into a television drama.

Sadly, the author of this book died last year.

(interestingly, doesn't mention her death in their review of these books.)

This is a very long book.  I'm not sure I will have the time to read it.  But this has gotten a lot of very good reviews so I think I owe it to Bil to try to read it.

I will report on the experience.

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