Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday the 13th

It is becoming more and more difficult to post on this blog.

I blog in spurts, maybe two or three days in a week, and then I don't blog again for two or three weeks.

I guess as long as I want to keep this as a type of online journal, that isn't bad.  But I'm thinking of rolling this over into another blog, perhaps "cannibalizing" it.

For now, please bear with me.  I really need this as a safety valve, especially when I feel like whining or complaining.  Right now, it isn't so much my mother in law I am angry at, but rather another family member, who could be a big help but doesn't want to be bothered.

But don't be surprised if I don't post a lot, and especially don't be surprised if I don't blog much (if any) during the next couple of months.

On the other hand - I may have a lot to complain about in the near future.

We'll see.

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