Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bil and the Seat Belt

One thing that really annoys me greatly is that my mother in law lets Bil ride in the back of cars without putting on his seat belt.

Having survived a car accident several years ago because I was wearing my seat belt (I always have worn them, by the way), I am a stickler on insisting that everyone in my car wears a seat belt.  In New York State, front seat passengers must wear seat belts - but it is optional for back seat passengers above the age of 16 - unless the driver has a learners permit, in which case all occupants must be belted in.

So each and every time Bil rides in my car (or if my husband is driving my Mom somewhere with Bil in the car), I insist that Bil buckles in, but his Mom tries to tell me that Bil doesn't have to wear his belt.  Yes, if he's in the front, no, if he isn't in the back.  Bil doesn't fight it (well, a little, but he gives in).  I wouldn't care except why does Mom contradict me when I ask?  Why does she endanger her beloved son like that, letting him think it is every OK to be without a seat belt on?

Today, Bil had trouble putting his seat belt on.  To my amazement, he let me help me.  I accidentally touched him and immediately apologized.  I was afraid he would freak out.  He didn't.

Sometimes, Bil amazes me.

I thanked him, and told him that I care about him.

I am certain he knows that, but I wanted him to know, in my neurotypical way.

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