Sunday, January 31, 2010

These are a Few of His Favorite Things

So what does my brother in law like to do?

First, he loves to get out and walk around in his local mall.  What is important is that he has an exact meeting time.  He will meet you back at a certain time-and you had better be there when you say you are going to be.

He loves to read.  And to shop at Barnes and Nobles.  I would say that recently, it has surpassed CVS as his favorite place to be.

What does he like to read?  Science books.  He loves the weather (except thunderstorms, which absolutely terrify him.)  Quiz type books.  And, thrillers and horror stories. 

There used to be a CVS in his local mall, and he would go there to buy chocolate.  If he knew his mother (who he lives with) was going to have company, he would buy a chocolate thing of some sort she could serve her guests.  But CVS closed the store, and for whatever reason my brother in law has now chosen Wal-Mart for a lot of his shopping.

When he is home, my brother in law stays in his room almost all of the time, reading, listening to music, or watching TV.  He has cable, and loves to watch science shows and The Weather Channel.
He will come up for meals.   And when we come to visit, he will come up and maybe say a word or two to his brother, my husband.  And then will disappear until dinner.  He'll eat, disappear again, and show up when he hears dessert ready to be served.

He loves the New York Mets and the ARC, who does his Medicaid Service Coordination, has outings to baseball games, but so far he hasn't taken advantage of those.  Or any other outings, for that matter. 

Some may say his is a narrow life, but that is the choice he has made.

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