Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Magic Paintbrush Project

I am not sure my brother in law would be interested in this, but he does like to go to the mall...and our local mall features something - dare I say magical.... the Magic Paintbrush project.

This started out as one family trying to find something for their two children, both who had mild cerebral palsy.  Why sometimes families fail and sometimes succeed beyond their wildest dreams to get something going is beyond me, but this has grown way beyond what anybody could have imagined.

I haven't had direct contact with the project, but did attend a First Friday event in their honor, and saw some of the artwork created by the participants. 

They also have a fan site on Facebook.

I encourage you to read about this project at their website.  I wish there was something like this where brother in law lives.  His world  has such a narrow focus right now and he isn't especially interested in the arts. But he does work with his hands so....who knows.

And, oh yes.  Art is available for sale.  Proceeds go to buy more help more local families.

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