Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aging Issues, Again

My mother in law ended up getting her power back several hours after I blogged about it. (see last post.) In fact, Bil was the one who noticed it was on and gve us the exact time; by then my mother in law had fallen asleep.

I'm glad this had a good resolution but it reminded us of this issue that comes up every winter without fail.  Power Failures....she sits in the cold and dark, without a phone, or with a cell phone rapidly losing its juice, with my brother in law there also.  I wonder what he thinks.  It is so hard to find that out.  Is he terrified?  Or does he just accept it as part of his greater routine?  I suspect it is a little bit of both.

I want to mention here that we have talked to my mother in law (more than once) about her moving up here with bil and she doesn't want to do it.  Her reasons are valid:  she would be moving away from her friends, she doesn't like the weather up here (well yes, we do get a lot more snow), and she has relatives somewhat near-by that I mean if you drew, say, a 50 mile radius around her house, there would be a number of nieces and nephews.  Up here she would only have us and my other brother in law, and then no one for maybe 130 miles.

And, she has lived in that house for almost 50 years.  And, the area is familiar to her.  I could go on.

 But in an emergency like this, can she get help?  She certainly can't get help from us.  What if the power had been off several days?

Also, her refusal to seek other housing options for bil has been quite the sore point, and I intend to blog about this at another time.  I don't think bil can help her in quite the ways she needs it, even if she gets a lot of security with him there and if he could get further training in how to do things.  And, I know taking care of him gives her purpose, and strength.  I hope she doesn't think she is worthless though if he goes to live somewhere else.  And, he is going to have to, because - as all of us are - she is mortal.

He is going to have to leave her some day-unless she (by leaving this Earth) leaves first.  And then what?

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