Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Rainstorm

Many of you have heard of the major rain and windstorm that hit the Northeast on March 12/13.  This hit where my mother in law and brother in law live, so we got to be eyewitnesses to my brother in law coping with wild weather conditions.

We ended up having to drive with him about 30 miles (each way) in high winds, and at one point we were in a traffic tieup due to a tree that had come down partially across the road (it didn't look like any one was hurt - thankfully).  We asked him if he had been frightened and he told us he had not been.

Well, I sure was.  There was another tree a little further up the highway, that had just barely missed coming down on the roadway.  The highway was lined with broken trees and broken branches.  It was a sight like none I had ever witnessed, and I grew up on the coast.

The power also went out, and we ended up going to McDonalds for breakfast.  As we were finishing up, the power went out.  Everyone in the restaurant laughed-it was obvious that this was part of their everyday life.

For two nights, we fell asleep to the constant howling of wind.  

I'm glad everything turned out well.  The power failure (actually there were two, but we weren't home for the second one) only lasted a couple of hours, so it didn't get too cold.  We heard the crack of a tree but didn't see any trees down on my mother in law's property.  Bil, who can be very anxious about thunderstorms, didn't seem fazed (but that may have been because it wasn't a thunderstorm-just a nor'easter).  The flooding didn't extend to where they live.  So, as things go, this story has a happy ending.

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