Monday, January 3, 2011

More on a Possible Colonoscopy

I have started the "chemical" part of my prep - while I wait for it to "kick in" its giving me a chance to think about this vs. Bil.

As anyone who has undergone one of these (it's my second) knows,there are several steps.  Some of this was different from the first time.

The early part, the food prep, I think Bil could handle.  The way my doctor is doing it, two days before (meaning yesterday) I could not have any fruits or vegetables.  I could have meat (surprisingly, he didn't say white meat), bread and rice, pasta.  Bil would not have a problem with that.  He only eats fruits or vegetables if they are put in front of him.  His preferred meat is chicken, so he wouldn't miss red meat.

The "day before" prep is going to be a real problem.

First, there is the "no solid food" rule.  But we could probably explain that one.  The harder thing will be trying to prepare Bil for the chemical part:  the cramping, the uncertainty of when it will kick in, and so forth.  And most of all, the vile nature of the liquid you have to drink. 

It's going to be a big challenge. 

I've read about virtual colonscopies and I don't think they would be the answer-even though I've read that new types are going to be rolled out later this year that Medicare may pay for.  The patient still has to undergo the prep, and the sedation (which the new virtual type will avoid) is actually something that Bil would probably need no matter how the exam is done.

So the question becomes:  do we try to do this?  Or do we deny Bil this valuable exam?

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