Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Lost Chance in February?

We thought that my mother in law might be taking a trip and that we would have an opportunity to have Bil up here to spend some time with.

Now it looks like the trip won't happen.

Last year, my mother in law was able to accompany a niece and her husband, visiting their daughter and her husband in Florida.  It was great that she had the company.  Both relatives were experienced travelers and arranged for a wheelchair and other accomondations for my mother in law, including early boarding.  Bil stayed behind, lived with my brother in law, and we and he and his wife took turns being with Bil.  Because of my husband's work hours, Bil never had to spend more than a few hours by himself.

It looked like those same relatives were going to fly out to California in February, to see their son.  And, a friend of my mother in laws has been staying with her ailing daughter for several months, only about a 10 minute ride away from the son.  It would have been a nice trip for mother-in-law.

What we were hoping for is that Bil could stay with us part of the time.  One difficulty would be that we only  have one TV, and one cable connection. Bil is used to having his own TV.  But he also does a lot of reading and I think we could have worked around this.

But now, it doesn't' look like the trip is going to happen.

Of course, you could ask, why doesn't Bil come up here anyway and give my mother in law some time by herself?  I think the reason is, she does not want to be alone.  Having Bil there is better than being alone-maybe marginally, but Bil will help her in certain ways:  if she asks.

I'm not sure what we would have tried to "work on" with Bil while he was up here, but it would have been a good opportunity for.....something.  And at the very least he could have spent time with his two brothers.

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