Friday, February 18, 2011

Good News For Now

My mother in law is getting better, slowly, but is getting better.  My brother in law and his wife are going down this weekend (otherwise, we would have) - weather permitting, that is.

Other relatives visited on Monday and reported that she is doing better, but is very anxious to get outside. She's been almost completely housebound since the accident.  And Bil has been too.  When we were there three weeks ago he was just about "climbing the walls".  He hadn't gone to work, and spent most of his time in his room listening to his radio or his TV.  For all that he likes to be isolated, it was even too much for him.

I planned to write about our visit, but somehow it never came to pass due to other things happening in my life right now. But I hope to resume more regular entries in this blog in the near future.

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