Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How does an Agency serving the Disabled Not have Parking for the Disabled?

Today's Quiz Question.

Here's the situation in brief.  Bil works part time in a sheltered workshop at the local ARC. (Many of the ARC chapters have changed their name, but Bil's has not.  So ARC it still is.)  Twice a year he receives a performance review.  My mother in law is asked to attend.  This last time she wasn't able to.

Why?  In short, because she requires "handicapped parking".

My mother in law is in her 80's.  She has difficulty in walking.  Until she fell a month ago, she could walk with the aid of a cane.  She has a handicapped parking permit.

The way she explained it to me when I visited last weekend (I still need to blog about that), the ARC has limited parking as it is.  She hates going there for that reason.  There really isn't much in the way of handicapped parking.  Especially in the winter weather, this makes visiting ARC on her son's behalf impossible.

Frankly, that stinks.

What may end up happening is that my husband and I will go down there. We both have to take at least one day off of work to do this.  And, drive 300 miles, at (however much that will cost, at current gas prices).  We don't mind as far as wanting to be involved in Bil's life.  But why can't they come to my mother in law (especially in light of her injuries from her recent fall) and do Bil's performance review at home?

I went to their website and found the email address for the Director of Service Coordination.  I am aware that Bil's Medicaid Service Coordinator has been ill, so I decided to go to her boss.  I met this manager several years ago.   I composed and sent an email very politely (I have experience in advocating from other life experiences, and I know the value of stating a case plainly and simply, and asking for the desired resolution).  I did this Sunday and today (Tuesday) still no answer.  Guess either husband I or will have to call her.

Isn't advocacy fun. (sometimes, NOT.)

My mother in law says she's never been a fighter.  She's wrong.  But this is one fight she should not have to fight alone.

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