Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bil and the Birthday Party

It's been a very eventful week, including a medical event (nothing serious, just painful) and being out of town.  But, we did spend last weekend with Bil as our houseguest, his mother staying in a motel nearby.

It went well, I think.  I'm glad Bil is choosing to sleep, when out of town, away from his mother, but the way he thinks, I don't know exactly what his motives are.

The reason why Bil was staying with us was so Bil and my mother in law could attend a party.  At the party, for a family member, Bill sat apart from everyone until his mother coaxed him into sitting with the rest of us. 

This was the second party in two weeks that Bil and us attended.  This one was at a restaurant.  The previous one was at a relative's house (a birthday party) and Bil, again, just sat away from everyone.  We saw him wandering around a little.  I was concerned about noise levels (it was very echo-y in that house and even I was being disturbed by it-I do have some sensory defensiveness issues myself) but Bil made it through.

I don't think he really enjoys these kinds of situations but he tolerates them, I think, because he wants to be included in the fun.  And, for all my complaints about my mother in law, I will say that she has always encouraged him to be with her at these events.

We probably won't be seeing Bil again until Easter.

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