Sunday, March 13, 2011

Budget Surgery and MSC Surgery

Spring will be here in another week.  Time to clean out the mental clutter and try to stay on track.

Bil's Medicaid Service Coordinator is having major surgery in a couple of days and I can absolutely kick myself (because I knew this for more than three weeks) because we never got in touch with her regarding what the upcoming Medicaid cuts are going to mean for Bil.  This is a very major surgery, that could have major ramifications for her if something goes wrong.  I'll need to be in contact with my mother in law later in the week.  The MSC and my mother in law have become...well, I wouldn't call it "close" but my mother in law is such a giving person.....sometimes too giving, as I will perhaps blog about one day soon.

Nor do I have any idea if anyone at the local ARC has contacted my mother in law about the cutbacks.  My mother in law (who was raised in an age when it was a total shame to have to depend on the government for anything) prides herself that she hasn't used the availability of Medicaid for anything not necessary.  I know if my mother in law had not had to financially, she never would have allowed us to apply for Medicaid for Bil, period.  But that doesn't mean Bil has benefited (for example, getting dental care for the first time in many many years) and the MSC was instrumental in getting that for him. 

Before he had the dental care (which I advocated for with the MSC) Bil had such bad breath that I could not even hardly stand to be in the car with him.

Sadly, the MSC has never been able to obtain "reshab" services for Bil to get him the training in simple life skills he so much needs.  Things have been a bit "out of whack" since she fell back in January and we've had so many issues surrounding her, that Bil has receded into the background for a while.

That, of course, is a very big mistake, given that my mother in law's well being directly impacts Bil's life.

But right much going thing at a time.

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