Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flood Recovery, Neighborhood Buyouts and Autism

My autism advocate acquaintance is back in her flooded home.  Hurray!  The school bus is running for her son finally and his routine is somewhat restored.  She has much hard work ahead but there is a sense of community in her neighborhood that will support her in the days ahead.

What, then, will happen if her neighborhood is offered a buyout?  I haven't heard of one yet but it may be a distinct possibility in our brave new world of the post-flood Southern Tier of Upstate NY.

Moving is traumatic for us all.  For you to wake up one day to find flood waters sweeping your neighborhood, followed by sewage, gawkers and loss of routine must be terrible for any of us.  And, as so many other things are, so much harder for someone with autism.

I don't know how much of her son's life has been spent in this house, but it is bad enough for the losses they have already suffered.

I hope a solution is found, because that neighborhood is such a wonderful one to live in for its residents. What a shame to perhaps lose it.

I know this isn't blogging directly about Bil, but I can so easily imagine him in this situation.

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