Monday, September 12, 2011

Help with the Flood From a Person with Autism

Yesterday, I returned home with my husband.  We only got water in our basement, but much of what was in there was ruined.  Mold (or something dark) was already starting to grow on the walls.  It was not pleasant.

To the rescue?  My son and his good friend, who has Aspergers Syndrome.

Let's put it this way - flood water stinks. It is slimy.  You have to use chemicals to help with the cleanup.  These chemicals stink too.

And the friend didn't hesitate.  True, he was being offered some money but it still had to be hard. He had just returned from where he (yes, he also) had been evacuated to.  And after he left our house, he went to help his grandmother, whose house in another part of our county was (I hear) under 5 feet of water.

Thank you, friend.

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