Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Medicaid Lifeline

We got an update from Bil's Medicaid Service Coordinator. 

Some of the things put into motion as a result of my husband's conversation with her in July are progressing.

But we can't lose sight of the fact that cuts in Medicaid and other services continue.

So many people don't realize that Medicaid isn't just for so-called Welfare Queens.  Many people with disabilities depend on Medicaid, and not just for their medical and dental services.  (I also note here their selection of doctors and dentists is greatly reduced from if they had private insurance - and it is so hard for them to get jobs offering private insurance here in the United States.)

They depend on Medicaid for just everyday services - someone to help them learn life skills, someone to keep them company and allow them to interact with the community, even sometimes someone to provide counseling in life's harder moments.

We can only hope Bil can get these services before the Medicaid rug is pulled from underneath him.

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