Friday, January 27, 2017

Housing for Bil Part 2

In Part 1, I started to blog about Bil, one day, having to live apart from his elderly mother.

We had a coming attraction about his ability to live on his own when his mother became sick a bit more than a year ago, and had to be hospitalized.  The hospitalization was followed by rehab.  At her age, lying in a hospital bed causes rapid physical deterioration.

Bil did not want to live with one of his brothers.  He didn't mind being by himself.  I'm sure that is because he was in control of his environment.  He could keep the lights dimmed, the TV on as he chose, and do what he wanted.

There were just a few problems.

He would not take out the garbage unless prompted.  And, with everything connected with his mother's hospitalization, we didn't realize for a couple of days, that no one had taken the garbage out.  Normally, taking the garbage out is Bil's task- but he does it under his Mom's direction.

There was no direction now.  He didn't take the garbage out.

We walked into the house, some two days after my mother in law was admitted to the hospital, and - it stank.  Stank as in bad food scraps, and more.

Bil seemed oblivious to the smell. So we had to tel him to take the garbage out.

He never did learn to take the garbage out without prompting.  I would have thought that, after a while, it would have become a part of his routine, but it never did.  So this was just one of a number of experiences we had, being fully responsible for Bil for the first time.

It won't be the last time.

To Be Continued.

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