Friday, March 24, 2017

Is There Any Good in this World?

Today, I was struck by a quote:

“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.” – J R R Tolkien. 

This has not been the world's best week.  Some days, I feel like we of the human race are living in the world's worst reality show, and that we are close to being voted off the Universe.

Other days...

I, and other family members, had a frustrating week dealing with bureaucracy, caught in a quicksand of looking for documentation, and getting only bad news about our efforts to make a good life for my disabled brother in law, Bil.

But then, yesterday, it all turned around.

The room was packed with people, and it was unbearably hot.  There were no liquid refreshments.  But we didn't want to leave for a minute, as we listened with great attention, spending two hours learning about things we never quite understood.

And then, at the end, the two instructors, perhaps sensing some need in us, spent the next hour and 15 minutes meeting one on one with us, and answering sometimes repetitive questions with great patience.

They didn't have to do it.

One even mentioned (when I told her the problems we had signing up for the class because it was hard to reach her) that she had been out that week due to a family emergency.

But here she was, spending time she didn't have.  I know these people have such big case loads. Some days, it must seem so hopeless to them.

What a favor these two women did us with their kindness.  We have a better idea, now, of the reality facing us, but they also gave us hope.

Hope is what the human race needs right now.  And while the big people of this world try to drive it to destruction, each and every one of us "little people" has the ability to fight for the good in this world.

How?  By showing up, and by helping your fellow humans repair our world.

It's that hard, and that easy.

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  1. I am a firm believer that the Universe has good people out there waiting to do good things to people. This is my unfailing belief that has yet to be challenged. Think positive and attract only positive energies. I don't have the same challenges as you do, but my daily life too is about caring for other people ranging from geriatrics to toddlers and pre-schoolers......With such a wide age range things can be a bit tiresome but there are always good people who spread their kindness and make life more comfortable.... always

    1. Sometimes, I don't think positively enough (I tend to some negative thinking). Thank you; the next meeting we will have is Tuesday (plus a family meeting tomorrow); I need to keep my positivism up!


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