Friday, November 24, 2017

If We Were Having Coffee #FridayReflections

Dear friend, here we are, sitting at the able over our coffees.

I have so much to tell you, but I'm not sure how to begin.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my nearly 90 year old mother in law, and my autistic brother in law, Bil. Bil, I think, had a good time, too.

But change is coming in his life.  His day program can no longer keep him.

Next week, Bil will tour a new program.  And, the week after, he is going to consult with a gastroenterologist.  He should have had a colonoscopy years ago, and his doctor says he needs to have one now.

That's going to be fun and exciting.  The prep for a colonoscopy isn't fun for a person who is not developmentally disabled.  Not a topic for a coffee shop, so I'll have that conversation another time.

His doctor feels Bil should exercise more, as his weight keeps increasing.  He loves to eat, and we'll have to see where that goes, too.

And, dear friend, we almost didn't have that Thanksgiving at all, because my mother in law fell yesterday, leaving her apartment.  Fortunately, it was more of a sliding down her rollator than a true fall, but she couldn't get up and had to call my husband for help. 

So it leaves us again, with worries and unanswered questions, as winter starts to close in on us.

There's something about having coffee that relaxes you and lets conversation flow.  I've spoken enough - what's up with you?

Join Sanch Vee and others for #FridayReflections. 

The prompt:  "If you were having coffee".


  1. Hiya ... I do hope things don't turn out to be too difficult for you all - a cup of coffee sounds good ... take care and all the best - Hilary

  2. Maybe you should sometimes have an extra cup of coffee. Good wishes to you.

  3. Sending truckloads of good vibes and hope that this winter will be gentle on you and yours <3

  4. Oh's been super stressful for you lately! Sorry to hear about your MIL's fall and the end of the day program for your BIL. Hope his new program is ok and things turn out well.


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