Friday, December 1, 2017

Eccentric #FridayReflections

Eccentric - "of a person" "unconventional and slightly strange".

Today, instead of blogging about my disabled brother in law, Bil, I want to talk about me.

My father was a bit eccentric.  In modern times, he may well have been diagnosed with OCD.  One of my cousins on my father's side (now deceased) suffered terribly with OCD, and I am told one of my great aunts also exhibited OCD type behavior.

In my Dad's day, though, the behavior was "quirky".  To the teenaged me, growing up with my Dad - just us two, after the untimely death of my mother, it was more of an embarrassment.

As one example, my Dad liked to put dates on things.

For example would buy a box of crackers - he used to love to snack on saltines.  Every time he removed saltines from the box, he would write a record of it - the number and the date - on the side of the box.

He would buy socks. They were always the same style and color. He would date each sock.  And if I, doing the laundry, put two socks of different dates together, it would make him uncomfortable.  Don't get me wrong, he never yelled at me or verbally abused me - never.  But you could tell he wasn't happy.

I have my own little quirks.  When my child was young, he had several sets of Legos.  It wasn't enough for him to put the Legos away.  They had to go into the exact box they came in (so, after getting him to put the toys away, I would redo them, sorting out the Legos into their correct boxes.  If they were in the wrong box, it made me uncomfortable).  I did live my life just fine but there would be that nagging discomfort if I didn't put the Legos in their correct, original box.

Quirk?  Eccentric behavior?  Or something more?

What about you?

Join Sanch Vee and others for #FridayReflections.  Today's prompt:  "Eccentric".


  1. Hiya - it is interesting to read about ways life - are they so odd ... and I guess to me they would be - but am I so right in not worrying about having things exactly as they were, or the way I want them to be.

    Thanks for sharing ... I'm what I'd call normal - life is for living and not worrying too much ... but then perhaps my life isn't fulfilled - yet of course in our society I can easily exist ... others like Bil struggle. I'd go nuts matching exact socks!

    All the best - Hilary

    1. Hilary, I have to admit that quirk of my Dad's irritated me more than a little bit, especially once I was in my late teens. But then again, I wonder what my son thought about my obsession with the Lego boxes.

  2. Hiya - I didn't like to go into things too much .. I'd probably need to have a proper conversation to even remotely understand - take care - Hilary


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