Friday, December 22, 2017

Dear Santa #FridayReflections

Dear Santa:

Oh, if only you were real.  I would have so much to ask you for.

I would ask that we humans treat each other fairly and with dignity.

I would ask that our health system be fixed.  Last week, I saw firsthand how dysfunctional it can be.

I would ask for housing suitable for my autistic brother in law.  I would ask for a system helping those with disabilities that was easy to manuver and really did do right by the people who depend on that system.

And, Santa, while you are at it, how about peace and plenty for us all?

I don't ask for too much, do I?

If only I had the time and energy to write about the events of the last week, Santa.  But for now, I am setting it aside, and getting a good night's sleep.

Join Sanch Vee and others for #FridayReflections, and see what we are asking Santa for.


  1. Hi - I do hope you had that good sleep ... and I so feel for you - life can be so desperately unfair ... but keep the happy and positive moments to hand to be remembered ... they will be there - have as peaceful a time as you can ... with thoughts and blessings - Hilary

  2. No, you don't ask for too much. I so wish all those things could be true too. Sigh. Hope you are enjoying the silly season anyway x

  3. Wishing along with you.
    Sending you and yours thoughts and good wishes.


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