Friday, April 20, 2018

The Pay Cut

"Bil" gets a service called Community Hab.  A community hab provider takes Bil out into the community to provide him opportunities for socialization.  They work on agreed on skills, such as money management.

A particular woman, let's call her "A", has worked with Bil for around two years now.

This woman has opened up Bil's world.  She hobbled around on a bad foot for months taking Bil places.  She's been dependable, and a support to Bil at certain stressful times in the past few months.

It's not an easy job.  I work with someone who works part time as a community hab provider.  She's had situations where her client has been tormented, for example, at the local mall, by young people calling her client names.  I don't know if this has happened to "A" or "Bil", but these providers are trained in how to react to such circumstances.  Or, if their client has a medical emergency while working with them.

Recently, "A" was rewarded for her hard work.

"A" received a $1.50 an hour pay cut for a job well done.

Yes, you read right.  A pay cut was her reward.

Well, the agency that employs her has lost funding.  They have to cut costs.  These people are not paid well as it is.

Yes, this is how we reward those who work with our most vulnerable populations.


  1. Oh gosh ... how very troubling ... just so unfair ... it seems to be the way of life at the moment. With thoughts over this - Hilary

  2. It isn't fair - but I don't want to get her in trouble, either, for having told my husband.


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