Friday, May 11, 2018

The Last Spring

I fear this will be my mother in law's last spring.

Next week, we will have to tell my brother in law, who is autistic, that his mother will not be coming home from her recent hospitalizations and stints in rehab.  Instead, she is going to be admitted into skilled nursing.

Three Emergency Department visits in five weeks.  A good reason why I have not been posting.

Today, she couldn't even remember that she had rehab. All she could remember is that she was exhausted because "they kept taking me out of bed".

I don't know how my brother in law will react, but I have a feeling he's already figured it out in his mind.  Us telling him will only make it official.

We've been told we have to be direct with him - not to use any euphemisms, as they would only confuse him.

Hoping I will have enough energy to report how the "big reveal" went.

Watching my mother in law fade away from congestive heart failure and early onset dementia has been an emotional experience.  I never dreamed how hard it would be. My parents, and my one grandparent who lived into my adult years, all died suddenly.

I've had friends die but nothing could have prepared me for this.

I just hope my brother in law will cope with it OK, because I just don't know how to support him, and I barely have enough strength to support myself.

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  1. Hi to you ... it's worse as you have your BIL to think about - and so your energies are being pulled in all directions - let alone the authorities. Do what you can, relax as you can ... but most importantly don't worry too much - it's the way life becomes sometimes. Thank you so much for letting us know what's going on - good luck and with thoughts - Hilary


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