Friday, May 18, 2018

A World Without Books #FridayReflections

“I have always imagined that paradise will be some kind of library.” — Jorge Luis Borges

I have loved books since I was a little girl.  I loved how they felt.  I loved how they smelled.  I loved going to the small branch public library that was located in the housing project where I grew up and taking books out.

Soon after I started school, that branch library closed, and in its place we started to get a bookmobile. It would park at my housing project each Thursday, except during the summer.  I dreamed of working in a bookmobile (a mobile library) when I grew up.

There was another branch library in walking distance, about a mile away.  They would close each June (and reopen in September) but they would allow users to take out an unlimited number of books right before they closed.  I filled my room with summer reading material.

So, when my husband and I became responsible for my autistic brother in law, one of the very first things we did for him was getting him a library card.  Strangely, he won't take the books out.  He wants to read in the library only.  He does have his favorites - science and horror.

In his own way, he loves books, too.  And the library.

In books, we both find our own types of paradise.

If heaven does not have libraries, it will not be heaven.

And, on this day when students and a teacher in a high school art classroom lost their lives in Santa Fe, Texas, all I can do is share a picture of a quilt displayed at our local library during the summer of 2014.  May they rest in peace.

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  1. Hi Bookworm - thank you for this ... for letting us know about your BIL and his books - so interesting he likes to read there, and then leave the books where they belong.

    Yes the latest shooting is just too terrible ...

    With thoughts - Hilary

  2. Good blog post, thank you. And a great tribute to those who lost their lives in the latest school shooting. So very sad. If the shooters had only been taught a love for books, who knows the difference it may have made. Thankful Thursday Week 20 and how to make blogging friends

  3. Very moving to read about your brother In law. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Interesting to read about your BIL. Really sad about these shootings. When will they end.

  5. What a lovely post! I started reading when I found Nancy Drew series at the school library. I also used to "steal" Danielle Steele books from Mom's collection. But it was Gone with the Wind that blew my mind away and then there was no looking back :) Thanks for joining in Friday Reflections. Hope to see you around :)

    1. I will be around from time to time. Thanks, Shalini!


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