Monday, January 17, 2011

The Latest Fall

My mother in law has fallen again.  She had a dizzy spell in the bathroom, and ended up hurting her ankle.  She was taken to the ER, treated, and released.

So now the worry can start again.  My husband talked to two family members today.  She had someone staying with her yesterday and today.  Relatives from about 2 hours away visited her today, and told my "other" brother in law that her ankle was very swollen.

She still has resisted wearing her medical alert pendant.  First, she wouldn't wear it at all.  Then, after several falls, she claimed she would wear it if she was totally alone, i.e. if Bil was out of the house (at his sheltered workshop job).   After this latest, don't know if she will finally come around and wear it, period.

One thing I don't know is if Bil was any help during this latest emergency, or if she called 911 on her own.  I suspect the latter because she didn't tell spouse he had called for help.  I am sure not sure he ever would although somehow she is convinced he would.  Don't know if it is magical thinking or if she knows something we don't.

And I don't know how much Bil will be able to help her while she attempts to recover from this latest injury.  Thankfully nothing was broken but I recently recovered from a bad sprain, I'm 25 years younger, I had help, and it was still very painful.  For her, it may be impossible.

I don't know if we would be able to go down this weekend.  Some of that would be weather dependent.  Will have to see how she manages.  My sister in law lives about 20 minutes away and for now she will have the major burden.

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