Thursday, November 17, 2011

60 Minutes Revisited

I had blogged earlier when the 60 Minutes was shown recently with the interview with Steve Jobs and then a segment talking about children with autism communicating through I-Pad apps designed for this purpose.

There is now someone talking about "another side" of this.

Bil has always been verbal (although he didn't talk until he was nearly 5) but he has never evinced an interest in computers.  I've tried to go online with him and he really wasn't interested.  I even tried taking him on the Weather Channel website.  He loves to watch it on TV but on the web - no interest.

So it is certainly a myth that all people with autism love computers.

Nor does Bil's mom have an I pad or even an ereader.

I wish there was a way to give Bil the gift of easy communication.  Although he is verbal he can't sustain a conversation for more than a few words, even on a subject  of interest. (He will basically blurt some fact like "The Mets won last night" and that's about it.)

Although-would we want to hear what he would have to say to us if he could be helped by an I Pad app?

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