Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bil and Weight

This past weekend, we visited my mother in law and  Bil.

Up to now I've made the decision not to discuss Bil's health, because I do want to preserve his privacy. But, it has become obvious that Bil continues to gain weight, despite my mother in law's best efforts.  She eats healthily and tries her best to give Bil healthy foods.  But, he has a sweet tooth.   It seems that food is becoming more and more important to Bil.

Entertainment?  A way to fight boredom?

And, on top of it, Bil won't exercise.  How you get a man with autism in his 50's to start an exercise program is truly beyond my imagination.

My mother in law made an interesting comment. I can't remember the exact words but it had to do with her trying to talk to him again and again about his eating habits.

I know that lecturing him is not going to work. And in the meantime, he suffers from health related problems that are related to his overweight status.

Now what?  How can we reach him?  How much can he understand about the harm he is doing himself?  It's bad enough when you are neurotypical and have weight issues.  But it will be just another item we will have to deal with, sooner if not later.

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