Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado Alley

Bil loves The Weather Channel, where he can watch weather from a distance.

Real weather, he doesn't cope with too well.

Many were the thunderstorms where he hid, terrified of the thunder.  One thing that used to happen those days was - when lightening struck nearby, it would ring the phone.  Bil was never able to cope with that too well.

The Hudson Valley, where Bil lives, gets its share of thunderstorms.  Tornadoes are rare, but one (a F1, I'm sure) hit his neighborhood back in the early 1970's.  I remember photos my husband showed me of the damage - a neighbor's roof ripped off, a rowboat driven through a tree.  Bil was only a teenager. 

The tornado came down in an empty lot in back of Bil's house.  Now, there are houses there.

With all the severe weather out west, I am a bit worried.  This severe weather will move east soon.  We may get a chance at some of that weather in early to mid June. 

I hope Bil gets through it OK.  Bil freaking out over bad weather is the last thing my mother in law needs right now, truthfully.

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