Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Happy Day

Today, my husband and I traveled down to the New York City area to attend a family gathering.  Bil was there.  Again, he was "just there" -always on the sidelines, never interacting with anyone, never seeming to enjoy himself . But, one thing I am grateful for is that my mother in law NEVER excluded him from family gatherings.

Fortunately, his behavior has never been objectionable.  He just keeps to himself, like The Invisible Man.

We weren't able to stay with Bil and my mother in law on this trip, so didn't get to talk much with Bil.  He seems to be doing OK right now.  I've been in contact with his Medicaid Service Coordinator and the case load is now so big that visits with Bil are rare.  We keep in touch once or twice a month, and I appreciate it.

We will probably see Bil again at Thanksgiving time.  Let's hope nothing happens between now and then.

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