Saturday, October 6, 2012

Support for Siblings Through Amazon

If you are an adult and have a sibling with autism, or any other disability (developmental, physical or mental) there is a wonderful program called The Sibling Support Project that provides online support in a safe atmosphere.

This project needs financial support and there is a free (to you) way to provide this....

If you shop online at, instead of getting into Amazon in the regular way, use this link:  if you enter Amazon using this link a portion of what you buy will go to the Sibling Support Project.

This will bring you into something called the Sibling Support Project Store.  Don Meyer,

Quoting from the Store:

 Dear friend of Sibshops and the Sibling Support Project—

If you are one of the millions who shop at Amazon, I have a favor to ask: Will you support the work of the Sibling Support Project by beginning your shopping by “entering” Amazon through the Sibling Support Project’s “Astore”?

You will get the same great deals you always get, and Amazon will donate up to 6.5% of the purchase price to the Sibling Support Project.

You can shop for just about anything at our Astore. Once you add something to your shopping cart from one of the categories seen at the right and proceed to checkout, you can then wander anywhere on Amazon. (And, if needed, you can yank any item out of your cart prior to purchase.) Any eventual purchase made within 24 hours of entering the Astore will benefit the Sibling Support Project.

And here's a tip: If you can't find the category you're looking for, just click "Miscellaneous"!

Don Meyer, who runs this program, is a tireless advocate for siblings.

I only wish my husband would join the Sibling Support Project.  But, like many men, I guess, he poo-poos the need for support.  But I suppose that would the topic for another blog post.

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