Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bil at the Gym

Bil went to a health club last week!

Well, he didn't do much of anything there.  But the fact that he was there was encouraging because of the reason he was there.

His mother took an exercise class - water walking.  She finally (a great victory) allowed herself to be talked into going to a health club. She has a one month trial membership. She had resisted this for years, as her physical condition deteriorated.

Bil's mother is at the point now where she doesn't want to drive by herself.  So, Bil came in the car with her.  I'm not sure what he did for the time she was there but they do have a little cafe there.

I wish so much we could get Bil into that pool, but I somehow don't think that is ever going to happen - unless his mother talks him into going with her.  And I am not sure the club will allow that unless he buys a membership.

The memberships aren't cheap either, sadly.

Right now, our focus is on Bil's Mom.  If she doesn't want to fall again, she must work on her balance. She must use a walker too, but that's another story.

Right now, every time we see Bil, he seems to have gained more weight.  I think he would at least walk in the mall if accompanied by someone.  But his Mom can no longer mall walk and we live hours away.

Right now, we'll just have to put these concerns aside and see what happens with his Mom.  There's only so much we can do at one time.

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