Sunday, February 17, 2013

Call Back Roulette

The wonderful world of advocacy and customer service!  Don't you love it!

My husband and I both, and a third party helping us, been having a frustrating week with customer service.  The latest is my mother in law's alarm system.  Before that, an online purchase.  Before that.....


Alarm system, bounced back and forth, voicemail menu doesn't give me the option I need, I finally reach what I think is the correct extension, am put on hold for over 5 minutes and then told to leave a message.  No option to continue to hold.  I would have; I'm doing plenty of other items anyway but now I have to hang around for a call back. If there is an emergency at my mother in law's house, will they give the same customer service????

I'm also waiting on something that Bil's medicaid service coordinator is supposed to be sending, and I haven't received yet.  Maybe it's just late in the mail.

Calls to my mother in law's lawyer re a paper he drew up for her.  No call backs. Guess who is not going to get our business in the future.  A lawyer who can't return a phone call is scary, because legal work is full of deadlines.  Will he meet any deadlines needed?  My mother in law is of the age where she can't make call after call after call. At least if his office can't speak to us, could they tell us what we need to do so they can?


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