Sunday, February 10, 2013

When No is Not No

We are having some success, thanks to help we have gotten from an unexpected source, in perhaps getting some movement from the agency that handles Bil's Medicaid Service Coordination.

What I was unable to do, this person (who has cost us money, but has been worth it) has been able to - well, at least get their attention.

We are waiting to hear back.

The aim is to get Bil training to increase his independence, and, indirectly, allow him to be of more assistance to his Mom.  His Mom needs a lot of help around the house now, and Bil is definitely in the role of caregiver to his elderly Mom.

You would think this would help the taxpayer.  But until now, I've just received excuses.  What they will do is ask Bil, 'do you want to...." and of course he says no. He, after all, has autism.  He is anxious about any change in his routine.  He needs to be coaxed, and then he is OK.

But, so much easier to take his automatic no as a "no", because then they don't have to bother, don't have to give the service.

Well, this paid person has probably done about all she can do.  Isn't it sad that we had to spend money to get what Bil is entitled to?  Yes, entitled to!  He is a taxpayer.  He works for a living.  It doesn't matter that it is at a sheltered workshop.

He should be a valued member of our community, but that isn't the fate of most people with disabilities.

So much easier to take their "no" as a no, and not give them the opportunity to be more independent.

So much progress still needed - but it's a start.

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