Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who Pays the Real Price for Autism?

Apparently, the mother does.

In this article by Binghamton area advocate Sally Colletti, quoting an article, the mother of a child with autism pays not only an emotional price in raising a child with autism, but a financial price.

In a place like Binghamton, here in upstate New York, that price may be the difference between keeping a family "head" above water in our tanking local economy-or not.

And then, who pays the price? 

This article, of course, is no surprise to any parent with a child with autism, no matter where in the country they live.

Bil's mother may not have paid this price directly.  Bil was not her first child, and she had already quit work at the point (I believe) when he was born. He was born back in the 1950's when mothers were expected to stay home. 

Of course, his father paid a price too.  I don't talk much about Bil's father because he's been deceased for a number of years-but he had to work more than one job through a lot of his work career to keep his family's "head" above water.  But Bil's mother was the one who bore most of the burden:  and, no matter how much times have changed - this still is the case.

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