Monday, May 9, 2011

A Great Loss for Local Special Olympics and Thoughts about Bil's Physical Fitness

Bil does not participate in Special Olympics.  But a young man living across the street from me does, as do the sons of two mothers I know.

As our local paper described today, there was both "joy and sorrow" at our local Special Olympics yesterday with the untimely death of a dedicated volunteer.

Special Olympics is a wonderful program, and has done a lot for the young men I know who participate in it.

It made me think of Bil and how inactive he is.  He has asthma but with modern medicine I know that doesn't stop many people (since I do not have asthma, I can't speak about that firsthand).  Bil has memories of when his asthma was not that well controlled, and he refuses to engage in any kind of physical activity - except mall walking, because he used to do that with his mother when she was able to mall walk without assistance.  But he doesn't walk very quickly.

He's overweight and has some health issues that would be helped if he could lose weight.

I really don't know what (once we are responsible for Bil) what we will be able to do.

It's so hard to establish a new routine for people with autism.  Given Bil's age, I doubt seriously we'll be able to change his inactivity.  And yet, his life may depend on it.

What to do?

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