Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another Fall

My mother in law admitted that she had fallen.....again.

During this past winter, she had a door put in leading from her garage into the house (she has a split level) so she wouldn't have to walk outside from the car.  Because the garage was not on a level with her finished basement, there are several steps.   Recently, she didn't place her foot right and fell on her face.  Nothing broken, just a lot of bruises, thankfully.

I am so worried that her guardian angel is going to die from exhaustion.

The good news in all this is that my mother in law has bil carrying everything now.  All she carries is her purse.  We have to get bil to help her as much as he possibly can.  I think it would be good for both of them.  In some ways, maybe even better for him than for her.

Getting back to the fall: It could have been worse, especially as long as she is stubborn about wearing her "I've fallen" emergency pendant.  And I still worry that bil won't be able to get help for her if she needs it.  If she would wear the pendant, he could learn to press the button.  He wouldn't have to talk to anyone; the monitoring service would send help.

But she still doesn't wear it reliably. Sigh.  I will be curious to see if she is wearing it when we come down tomorrow.

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