Friday, April 2, 2010

What Does Autism Look Like? World Autism Awareness Day

 Today is World Autism Awareness Day.

In April, the May Institute’s Autism Public Awareness Campaign will take place on Boston's  MBTA Transit System (the "T") to alert riders of Boston mass transit about Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Part of this will be an exhibit of the "Faces of Autism".  The photography studio, Andrew Child Photography, has a site on Facebook if you are interested in more information.

In addition, information for caregivers of children with autism who wander (a very big problem, and one that the general public does not have a good understanding of) will be presented.  Years ago, I worked for an independent insurance agency and at that time the LoJack system was mainly to help recover stolen autos.  I am so glad they have branched out into this field.

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